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Fake News: Covfefe Is NOT The Russian Translation For The Phrase I Resign

  • by: Maarten Schenk

This morning Donald Trump amazed the world with a tweet he accidentally sent out mid-composition, giving the world the new word 'covfefe':

It immediately went viral with thousands of people piling on and inventing jokes about the new word.

One of the most popular ones was this one from Kristina Wong, claiming 'covfefe' was the Russian translation for 'I resign', accompanied by a fake screenshot from Google Translate:

Interestingly enough the screenshot actually claims 'Covfefe' is English and says 'I resign' is the Russian term.

However, as you can easily verify for yourself, Google Translate does not know any Russian term 'covfefe' so we are going to have to label this as fake covfefe:


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