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HOAX ALERT! Nazi Submarine NOT Discovered in Great Lakes

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Lead Stories picked up on a trending article published by worldnewsdaily, which claims that a WWII Nazi German submarine was found at the bottom of Lake Ontario.

After researching the bizarre claim, Lead Stories has confirmed that this is a HOAX.

First off, the submarine that appears in the article published by worldnewsdaily traces back to images of a Russian nuclear submarine that sank in a Murmansk shipyard in 2003 (pictured above).


Secondly, the photo depicting "US Coast Guard Divers", are actually divers from National Geographic's "Under the Pole" series. That big fancy watch on the right diver's arm might have also grabbed your attention...that's because Rolex sponsored this particular expedition.

Lastly, the worldnews claims that a "UX-791" submarine was found which -- after significant research -- we've proven to be a non-existant model. The submarine pictured above is actually a K-159 Nuclear Submarine.

In addition to what we've debunked, it is worth noting that the US Navy has never affirmed submarine activity in the Great Lakes, much less from a Nazi war vessel.

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