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Kendrick Lamar DID NOT Secretly Purchase & Destroy Zimmerman Gun Live On Stage

  • by: Jeremy Smith
  • (Sun, 15 May 2016 20:05:36 Z)

There is a trending HOAX story on the internet stating that "Kendrick Lamar Secretly Purchases & Destroys Zimmerman Gun Live on Stage." Lead Stories recently debunked another George Zimmerman HOAX story that involved Ted Nugent purchasing the gun for the sum of $75,000. The NOT TRUE story comes from a newer hoax/satire site but some people are unaware of that and continue to share the falsities.

A little bit of the HOAX story:

Kendrick Lamar secretly acquired the Zimmerman murder weapon from an online auction through his publicist and smashed it with a hammer while on stage to put an end to what he says was a senseless publicity stunt by George Zimmerman.

The auction for Zimmerman's weapon has been removed from the UnitedGunGroup site twice, due to fake bidding and possible hacks, but is now back on the block. According to News 6 Orlando, "The gun auction on UnitedGunGroup.com is still active, but the current bid is zero. The starting bid is set for $100,000 with a buy now price of $500,000. The website says the auction will close on Wednesday."

George Zimmerman has inspired a number of recent HOAX stories, after inserting himself back into the media earlier this week by auctioning off the handgun that he used in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin. As for Kendrick Lamar, he's just another victim of the HOAX category. Here's his most recent tweet, and it's NOT a video of him smashing a gun on stage.

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