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4 Year Old Boy DID NOT Find Human Finger In McDonald's Happy Meal

  • by: Jeremy Smith
  • (Sun, 22 May 2016 03:08:11 Z)

A NOT TRUE story is trending on the internet stating "4 Year Old Boy Finds HUMAN FINGER in McDonald's Happy Meal." This NOT TRUE story is just a repeat from 2 years ago from another HOAX website. Although this version of the story comes from a satire/hoax website, many people are unaware of that and share the NOT TRUE story as truth.

A little of the HOAX story:

One of the biggest fast food restaurants in the world will be facing yes another lawsuit that could potentially take a huge chunk from the their bank account. McDonald's is under the spotlight after a 3-year-old boy discovered a human finger in his Happy Meal earlier this week. The Happy Meal was purchased at a location in Montpelier, Vermont, and employees there are baffled to how something like this happened under what store management claims is a 'tightly run ship.'

There are a few problems that stick out with this NOT TRUE story. For starters, it states that a 4-year old boy was affected whereas in the copy the story talks of a 3-year old boy. Also, it is well documented that there is NO McDonald's in the city of Montpelier, Vermont, "It is true for a fact, there is no McDonalds in the Montpelier city limits, and it makes this State Capital rather unique."

Here's a Twitter post from several years back addressing the situation at hand:

The rest of the NOT TRUE story is redundant.

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