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Hoax Alert: Woman DID NOT Claim To Be Pregnant By Goat, DID NOT Give Birth To Human/Goat Baby

  • by: Jeremy Smith
  • (Sun, 05 Jun 2016 04:41:57 Z)


It's hard to imagine anyone believing this NOT TRUE story but it continues to get likes and shares. A story purporting "Woman Who Claimed To Be Pregnant By Goat, Actually Gives Birth To Human/Goat Baby" is a HOAX. The story first posted on a different fake website in March of 2016, so this is just a repeat HOAX.

A little taste of the NOT TRUE story:

An Alabama woman who claimed to be the first ever to be impregnated by a goat, actually gave birth to a half human, half goat hybrid baby. The report, that was published back in March, claimed that 22-year-old Janice Gilbert had been impregnated by her father's goat named 'Nibbles.'

The image of the human looking newborn goat is actually from a recent 2016 incident in Malaysia where "a man who discovered something odd about the stillborn baby of his mother goat. According to him, the baby goat had stunningly human-like features." The image of the couple getting married was first posted on eBaum's World in 2008 under the "Really Bad Wedding Pics" category.

Below is a fun little explanation of how the human looking goat was found and theories around it.

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