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Fake News: Hollywood Chamber of Commerce DOES NOT Plan to Create a Star for Obama on Hollywood Walk of Fame

  • by: Alan Duke
  • (Wed, 01 Feb 2017 22:19:13 Z)

Lead Stories' Trendolizer detected a hoax trending on social platforms that falsely says former President Barrack Obama is getting a star on Hollywood's Walk of Fame. We can assure you that this is not happening.

The false deadline reads: "LIVE POLL: Hollywood Chamber of Commerce Plans to Create a Star for Obama on Hollywood Walk of Fame. Do You Agree with the Decision?"

A quick call to the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce confirmed the report is bogus. "No, sir, we didn't," a chamber official tells Lead Stories, when asked if there was such a plan announced. The Walk of Fame honors people in the music, radio, television and film industries with stars, not politicians. There is one former U.S. president with a star. Ronald Reagan got his star in 1960, more than 20 years before he became president, during the height of his movie and TV career.

Current President Donald Trump also has a star, dedicated in 2007 for his reality TV work.

The website that first published -- MyFreshNews.com -- this is a known producer of fake content designed to get you to click and earn the publisher money. The site also purports that President Trump is planning to outlaw Muslims from using public transportation in the United states. That is false, too.

Still, people like to believe what they want to believe. And they tend to share it on Facebook, even when it is unbelievable.

The chart below shows the trajectory of this piece of shinola as tracked by Trendolizer.

Want to help stop this fake news from spreading?

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