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Fake News: If You Repost Image You Will NOT Receive A Large Amount Of Money In 25 Minutes!

  • by: Alan Duke
  • (Sun, 24 Mar 2019 14:52:41 Z)

Do people receive a large amount of money in 25 minutes after reposting an image of a cut-out U.S. quarter coin, and conversely, do those who fail to repost the image lose "something worth keeping"? No, that's not true: This is a hoax traced back to at least 2014 intended to generate a large amount of reposts. There is no correlation between sharing this post and instant financial reward or loss.

This is an example of the image in a post (archived here) published on February 19, 2015, and it is still being shared more than four years later. The message on the photo of a 1981 U.S. 25-cent coin with George Washington's profile cut out reads:

If your reading this post, repost and receive a large amount of money in 25 minutes! If you fail to repost youll lose something worth keeping.

Screenshot of https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=760501307353777&set=a.429370047133573&type=3&theater

Lead Stories tested this offer of "a large amount of money in 25 minutes" by posting it on our editor-in-chief's personal Facebook page. He has yet to receive the reward. Also, we asked one of our writers to read the post and not share. That writer has not yet experienced any loss of "something worth keeping."

While we have not identified anything negative resulting from a repost of the image, it may have the result of lowering your friends opinion of your ability to detect real from fake. This is fake.

About the author:

Editor-in-Chief Alan Duke co-founded Lead Stories after ending a 26-year career with CNN, where he mainly covered entertainment, current affairs and politics. Duke closely covered domestic terrorism cases for CNN, including the Oklahoma City federal building bombing, the UNABOMBER and search for Southeast bomber Eric Robert Rudolph. CNN moved Duke to Los Angeles in 2009 to cover the entertainment beat. Duke also co-hosted a daily podcast with former HLN host Nancy Grace, "Crime Stories with Nancy Grace" and hosted the podcast series "Stan Lee's World: His Real Life Battle with Heroes & Villains." You'll also see Duke in many news documentaries, including on the Reelz channel, CNN and HLN.

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