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Hoax Alert: Rapper Lil Bossie DID NOT Die From Cancer This Morning At His Home

  • by: Maarten Schenk
  • (Mon, 08 Feb 2016 13:09:02 Z)

Fake news website Daily Media Buzz is spreading a false rumor that rapper Lil Bossie ('Torrence Hatch'), a.k.a. 'Boosie Badazz', died from cancer. Fortunately it is not true, and Bossie is alive and well. The rumor originated on HereItBeforeNews.com, another fake news website. There they posted on January 13th 2016 that the rapper had died from cancer 'this morning at his home'.

Interestingly enough Daily Media Buzz is re-using the same headline including the words 'this morning' today on February 7th 2016, almost a month later. So unless he rose from the grave to die a second time it is pretty safe to assume Lil Bossie is alive and well and tweeting:

The rapper did have surgery last year to remove over half of one of his kidneys to get rid of cancer but the surgery went OK and he recovered. Bossie recorded a clip about his experiences and released it earlier this year:

Don't be like all these people who were fooled by the Daily Media Buzz fake death notice:

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