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Teenager That Beat Up Katt Williams HAS NOT Filed $100 Million Dollar Lawsuit

  • by: Jeremy Smith
  • (Thu, 24 Mar 2016 05:05:13 Z)

There is a fresh NOT TRUE story out there that isn't hard to believe, thus the number of people liking and sharing it. Katt Williams, of "The Pimp Chronicles" and "Wild and Out" fame, has been in the news on an almost daily basis it seems, with assault charges here and weapons charges there. Today a video was posted of Katt throwing a sucker punch on a alleged seventh grader and then getting his a** handed to him most directly. The HOAX story is stating "Teenager that Beat up Katt Williams Files $100 Million Dollar Lawsuit."

The believable hoax story starts:

Katt Williams is being sued by the 15 year old that he sucker punched then got man handled by. Jeffery Jones and his attorney have filed a lawsuit in court over Katt Williams assaulting him. They are asking for $100 Million in damages.

They also add a statement from the victim's fake lawyer:

This is a clear case of Katt Williams using his celebrity status to bully and assault a minor, we would like to send a strong message that this will not be tolerated."

Though there is no word as to whether a lawsuit is actually pending, the one big red flag in the story is that they name the victim. Due to him being underage, his name would not been released to the public. Also, the vicitm has not filed charges as of this post so there is no record of the incident on file. Below is a tweet of the incident that was posted today:

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