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Woman DID NOT Spend $90,000 to Look Like Snapchat Filter

  • by: Perry Sanders III
  • (Thu, 14 Apr 2016 17:40:05 Z)


Familiar with Snapchat? There's a super lame hoax that is making its way across social media claiming a woman got a radical cosmetic surgery to look like a Snapchat filter is on her face.

Though we at Lead Stories doubt anyone actually believed this heinous story published by waterfordwhispersnews.com (because we still have faith in humanity), we're here nonetheless to reassure you that no such thing happened.

The UNTRUE story reads:

OBSESSED with Snapchat filters? Not as much as one Florida woman, who just dropped 90k on cosmetic surgery to make her look like she's got mouths where her eyes are at all times.

Snapchat devotee Tammara Kingsly, 23, became the first person in the world to undergo the radical mouth-eye surgery, in a 39-hour procedure that has left her looking hilarious, albeit with severely impaired sight.

Soooooooo...first off, there's no way to put "mouths where [your] eyes are" unless you get your eyelids tattooed. Second, Tammara Kingsly is a fictional character from an Australian soap-opera; not a Snapchat addict.

For the grand finale, the fake but funny story says, "Kingsly is planning more surgeries, including a gastric operation that will allow her to vomit endless rainbows on command." Needless to say; THIS IS FAKE.

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