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Hoax Alert: Beyonce DID NOT Announce Collaboration With Greggs

  • by: Maarten Schenk
  • (Tue, 19 Apr 2016 09:01:27 Z)

There's an article spreading online that claims Beyonce has partnered up with British baked goods chain Greggs to launch a new range of pasties. It is supposedly named "The Bey-ked Goods" and includes such offerings as "The Porkylicious, with BBQ pork and pineapple" and "Single Lady, a vegetarian option containing viscous sludge and peas".

An unnamed Greggs spokesman is quoted as saying:

Beyonce came to us with a very clear vision and worked closely with us to create the greasiest pastry ever seen in our stores.

These pasties and pies are for active, confident women who want to chomp down on some all-butter pastry on-the-go. They're badasses who aren't afraid to arrive at a high stakes business meeting with some pie grease on their trousers or crumbs in their hair.

If that didn't tip you off it was satire, rest assured: the story is as fake as the average politician's election promises. The Daily Mash, the source of the article, is a well known satirical publication and most of what it writes is not true (though it often is very funny).

People can be forgiven for sharing the story online without checking because it looks very realistic when you just see the social media summary:

Beyonce announces collaboration with Greggs

BEYONCE is working with Greggs on a range of pasties designed to empower women of all shapes and pasty-eating abilities. The Bey-ked Goods: The Dream pasty range includes The Porkylicious, with BBQ pork and pineapple, and Single Lady, a vegetarian option containing viscous sludge and peas.

But neither Greggs nor Beyonce have made any mention of the 'news' on their websites, so if you hear any of your friends tell you the story feel free to send them here for a delicious slice of our special Debunk-pie.

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