Fake News: Video Does NOT Show Palestinian Martyr Scratching His Nose Under His Shroud

Wed, 16 May 2018 10:14:25 UTC by Maarten Schenk

Were Palestinian 'martyrs' seen moving under their shrouds in a video that was making the rounds in May 2018? No, the video being spread by Twitter user "p4z" is not real or even recent, it was made in Egypt in 2013 during an evocation/demonstration and does not show real corpses.

Two days after over fifty people were shot dead in the Gaza strip during unrest near the Israeli border fence, @_p4z_ tweeted:

(tweet archived here, video here)

However the video in question has been online since at least 2013 and shows students at Egypt's Al-Ahzar university during a protest where they 'evoke' martyrs:

We were unable to determine what exactly they were protesting for or against but they clearly weren't supposed to be "real" corpses.